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TOBACCO Vol. V. No. 1.
May 11, 1888
Lockwood Publications has been a family-run business since its inception in 1872 as the publisher of Tobacco, a weekly trade journal for New York's burgeoning cigar retailing business. Presently fifth generation family members, Robert M. Lockwood and Frederick A. Lockwood, command a roster of 3 prestigious trade magazines, an annual directory and a successful consumer magazine, as well as tobacco products tradeshow.

In the past two decades, Lockwood Publications has expanded its strength as a focused niche publisher on all aspects of the tobacco industry. Publications include: Tobacco International, established 1886; Tobacco Products International, established 2001; and Smokeshop, established 1970.

In 1995, Lockwood began its foray into consumer magazine publishing with Smoke Magazine, geared towards cigar enthusiasts. With a current readership of 100,000, Smoke targets the younger cigar enthusiast with its intriguing cigar editorial and up-to-date lifestyle features.

The Tobacco International's Buyers' Guide is the number one reference tool in the tobacco industry, read by thousands worldwide. Buyers' Guide’ readers include tobacco product retailers, manufacturers, supply companies, equipment manufacturers, leaf processors, wholesalers, importers, and exporters of tobacco products. For over 70 years, the Buyers' Guide has been known as “The" directory of the tobacco industry.

Additionally in 2000 Lockwood Publications launched EuroTab, an annual tobacco products exhibition. EuroTab brings together tobacco industry professionals from all over Eastern Europe, Russia and the Former Soviet Republics, the Baltic and Balkan countries, Turkey, and the Middle East. Visitors are primarily from Eastern Europe and are distributors, importers, and retailers of all types of tobacco products and accessories; both manufactured and RYO as well as vaping products, hookahs, and shisha.

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